The PBTB at the Queen’s Funeral

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys at the Queen’s Funeral

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys at the Queen’s Funeral, Sep. 19, 2022

Timothy and Patrick have been flown via Royal Air Force Transport, from Los Angeles to London to attend the Queen’s funeral. The boys have put on the fancy costumes (in powder blue) and are standing along the street as the Queen’s horse drawn casket is going by.

Patrick: What a show! The costumes, the horses, the carriage, the pomp. The English really know how to do “Death of a Monarch” in analog.

Timothy: Is the Queen really in that horse drawn coffin?

Patrick: Of course not. Her body was put in a helicopter and dumped at sea. Her death was no accident. Old Prince Charlie got a bit anxious to be King.

Timothy: It is dangerous to be a monarch. If the in-laws don’t get you, your own family will.

Patrick: Prince Harry and the Duchess of Santa Barbara arranged for us to be here. I think Harry smells a rat.

Timothy: Ahh, you mean Tampon Charlie and his consort Camilla.

Patrick: Well, they did un invite Harry and Meghan to the funeral reception at Windsor Castle.

Timothy: Who has a funeral reception? Do you eat there? Drink? Watch old home movies of the Queen?

Patrick: Maybe they’ll show a video of the Queen being launched from the chopper.

Timothy: Do you think Harry is really Prince Charlie’s son?

Patrick: Are you kidding? Harry looks like an overgrown leprechaun. Princess Di had an Irish friend with benefits.
Timothy: So our job is to get Harry and Meghan back into Royal favor?

Patrick: That’s right. Though I don’t see how we do it.

Timothy: Look! There’s Prince William and his wife and kids. They look Royal enough.

Patrick: Oh, definitely William is the progeny of Charlie’s Royal Dick. He lacks hair, charisma, and humor.

Timothy: It has to be blackmail. No other way Harry and Meghan get back into the Royal Game again.

Patrick: I found this at Balmoral Castle when I was picking up the Corgis.

Patrick shows Timothy a hypodermic needle.

Patrick: The needle has traces of heroin and fentanyl. It also has Prince Chucky’s fingerprints on it.

Timothy: Mission accomplished! Well done!


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