The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys do Disco, 1977

The Zoo Disco Bar, Los Angeles 1977
Disco Dancing

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys Do Disco, 1977 LA

It is 1977. Patrick and Timothy are 25 years old and they have disco fever. They’ve just watched John Travolta star in “Saturday Night Fever” and are all up for disco.

They dress up and drive to “The Zoo” a disco bar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. They can hear the music pounding from the parking lot as they get out of Patrick’s Corvair Monza convertible.

They go to the bar and get some beers while surveying the audience dancing away to the beat of disco music played by the disc jockey on the stage.

Timothy: Well, are you going to dance?

Patrick: Of course. I’m John Travolta on the dance floor.

Timothy: Not with your kinky hair.

Patrick: Well, you dance like a fart in the wind.

The disc jockey is playing “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees when he suddenly drops dead in the booth.

Patrick and Timothy look at each other.

Timothy: We’ve got to go help the guy.

The two boys run up to the booth and check the disc jockey’s pulse. As much beat as an old one-hit-wonder’s song. The boys see a line of coke on the table and a rolled-up hundred-dollar bill.

Patrick: Looks like a bit too much coke for the DJ.
Timothy: Maybe Coke doesn’t go with everything.

Patrick winces. “What do you want to do? Folks are looking at us.

Timothy: We better spin some records.

Patrick: Let me see if this microphone works.

After a bit of feedback, Patrick says, “Ladies and gentlemen, the disc jockey has asked my friend Timothy and I to fill in for him while he goes to visit his sick mother in the hospital.

Timothy: Really? That’s the best you can do?

Patrick: Well, you say something.

Timothy: In honor of his mother, who loves the Bee Gees, we are going to play some classic Bee Gees hits.

Patrick puts “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees on the turntable. The crowd is soon dancing slowly together in a trance.

With the microphone switched off the boys have a conversation.

Patrick: We can’t just stand here like powder blue dummies and play records.

Timothy: I agree. We need to put in some jokes and background between songs.

“How Deep is your Love” is ending and Patrick turns on the microphone.

Patrick: That was the Bee Gees singing “How Deep is Your Love” which is usually the first question a girl asks me on the dance floor.

Timothy: And how do the Gibbs brothers hit those high notes? Is it because they are from Australia?

Patrick: Well, Timothy, some say the Gibbs brothers were raised by kangaroos and spent their formative years bouncing around in that pouch. That is why their voices are so high

The crowd starts laughing and smiling and giving thumbs up to the boys in powder blue.

Timothy: And now for those of you who like taxes, here is another Bee Gees classic hit, “Massachusetts”.

And that is how the Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys began their successful career together.


Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys 1977

One thought on “The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys do Disco, 1977

  1. I read most of this 18 hours ago but finished it just now SOOOOO that’s the official story eh? I want to know what happened to that DJ and Patrick.s Corvair?


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