Hotel Montague, Healdsburg, CA, Apr. 28, 2021

Hotel Montague Bar
Reese & Dern at Oscars

Montague Hotel Bar, 4/28/21

Our powder blue tuxedo boys are at the bar at the Montague Hotel, just north of Healdsburg. The rooms go for $800/night, but our heroes need a break after hosting the Oscars at Union Station a few days ago in Los Angeles.

The boys are at the bar drinking their bourbon and beer. They are wearing their usual powder blue tuxedos, spats, and the ruffled white tuxedo shirts. The boys went all out for this luxury vacation.

Patrick: Well, I have to admit. This is a nice place to unwind.

Timothy: I blame myself for the black face at the Oscars.

Patrick: It was my idea to use cream cheese as a base.

Timothy: How were we to know that cream cheese melts under klieg lights?

The boys sip their drinks and look out at the beautiful vineyards.

Patrick: I suppose I shouldn’t have made that joke about Reese and Dern looking like a freak show at their table.

Timothy: The cameraman was laughing so hard.

Patrick: Then came the hook.

Timothy: As usual.

The boys sip their drinks again and turn their attention to the room full of millionaires and their trophy wives, husbands, and transgenders.

Patrick: We did have a good getaway plan.

Timothy: Thanks to you. You knew when the San Diego Pacific Surfliner was ready at the station.

Patrick: It was a simple trick to time it right.

Timothy: Did you grab the Oscar?

Patrick: I gave it to the porter to get us onboard the train.

Timothy: Fair enough.

The boys drink their drinks and gaze out upon the wonders of the grapes and millionaires at the Hotel Montague.


Pacific Surfliner

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