Covid-19 Zombies

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Covid-19 Zombies March 20th, 2020
Another day with a lot of twenties in it. And it is now Spring. One
can feel the sunshine returning here in the northern hemisphere of
planet Earth.
The world is going mad and it is kinda fun to watch. Governor
Screwsome of California put out an edict that every Californian
must stay home. The police department in San Jose, CA (“Do you
Know the Way to San Jose”) great song, said that folks can call 911
to snitch on their neighbors if they are breaking the edict.
In San Francisco you call 311 if you find a non-pod person.
(“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”) reference.
Isn’t this fun?
And the government, the nanny state, will send us all money, manna
from heaven, to carry us through these difficult times. Money, well,
currency, it’s not really money, created in that magic currency
machine in the Federal Reserve’s Eccles Building in DC. And
everything will be just dandy.
Sometimes I think I’m in some Aesop’s fairy tale. When does
someone say “The Emperor has no clothes!”, or “The golden goose is
cut up looking for more golden eggs”?
Well, at least here in California, Governor Screwsome has changed
the liquor laws. Now you can order your cocktails and drinks
delivered from the bars to your domicile. Wow! Martinis delivered to
your door!
I’m sure that will save the bar industry. Will they allow heroin
deliveries as well for the homeless in their tents?
It would be funny, but I feel like the real boot on my neck is just
around the corner. Cheers, TJM

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One thought on “Covid-19 Zombies

  1. Better get some smokes, like some American Spirits, to use in your strength with negotiations with the rioters and zombies. . . Because they can’t afford their addiction, their jobs gone. Run for da hills . . . Stay inside and hide… Wash your hands, and pray for more printed money… LOL Well, I always felt like 2020 was going to be a wild year. The Year of The Rat…. The Rat’s destiny, Ancient Chinese proverb, is to be trapped. Well, we’re trapped alright. But we are all free in our minds. . . Thank God for the Millennials! Because they know how to play video games. LOL


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