St. Patrick’s Day 2020


Sheepshead Pen 2004:2.jpg

Sheepshead Pen. 2004.jpg

Saint Patrick’s Day, 2020
It’s an odd St. Patrick’s Day here in Sonoma County California as the
virus scare has closed all the bars. No Irish music or happiness for
St. Patrick’s Day has always been special in my family. My Dad
claims to have been conceived on the day, but how would he know?
My wife and I were married in early May of 2004 and my parents
and some friends we met catering, arranged for us to have 18
glorious days in western Ireland for our honeymoon.
It was sunny every day! And it was warm. The Irish were in a bit of a
shock. It was 70F or more and lots of sunshine in the northern
latitude. We told the Irish that we were from California and had
brought the sunshine. They asked us to come back soon.
We enjoyed our free stay at our catering friend’s cottage on
Sheepshead Peninsula and then drove up to Galway City. We drove
up to Cong two days in a row to enjoy Ashford Castle and its
gardens as well as the town of Cong itself.
Cong and Ashford Castle is where the film “ The Quiet Man “ was
made in 1951. We know all the scenery.
Oh, what a glorious time we had! The Irish were very friendly and
never shut up. They’d ask your name and where you were from and
then, we’d just sit back and sip our drinks and listen to tales and
tales and tales.
Tomorrow “The Quiet Man” is on Turner Classic Movies at 5 PM
Pacific Time. We’ll make lasagna and watch the movie and relive old
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! TJM


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