Butch Cassidy



Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid… 3/15/20
Back in September of 1969 the movie “Butch Cassidy & the
Sundance Kid” was released in movie theaters in the USA.
We were 17 and we wanted to see the movie. I drove the ’67 Camaro
convertible with my good friends Patrick and Mark in the car to the
Gateway Theater in the Gateway Mall east of Lincoln, Nebraska.
That mall killed downtown Lincoln. The free and open parking and
everything you wanted was there.
It was a rainy cold fall day and the black canvas top was up on the
Camaro convertible. The three of us went into the movie and
After the show was over we were bouncing on air. We were
animated. What a great movie! We walked over to the Red Lobster
restaurant and feasted. We talked on and on about the movie. We
never forgot it.
Many years later, Paul Newman was dying and he put out a
homemade video. He was wearing a mustard colored v-neck sweater
with no shirt underneath. He said, “Well, it’s over. Thanks. Take
care. Good-bye.”
That video is long gone. But I remember it.
The movie was on Turner Classic Movies tonight. We always watch
it. The Burt Bacharach soundtrack is so great and the scenery is
awesome. You can see how much more blue the sky was in 1968
than it is now. You can see a lot of things.
It’s a great movie and memory.


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