The Greatest Generation, Dec. 29, 2022

The Greatest Generation, December 29th, 2022

People in the USA say that the generation that fought WWII is the “Greatest Generation” of Americans. Well, I call bullshit on that.

The Greatest Generation of Americans was the one of my parents, Jim and Ann. My Dad was born in December of 1931 and my Mom in February of 1932.

They both grew up in Minneapolis and survived the Great Depression and WWII as infants, kids, and teenagers. Dad was too young for WWII, but his friends were drafted to go fight in Korea. Some didn’t come back.

My parent’s generation wasn’t afraid of anything. They were optimists and doers. They believed a good attitude and hard work while being considerate and kind to others; was the road to success.

They were right.

My parents’ generation built the Interstate Highway System. They built the space program. They found new antibiotics and cures for diseases and afflictions of mankind.

They were also the kindest people with good manners and well dressed and groomed. My parents’ generation took pride in their looks, homes, cars, and especially their families. They fought for them every day.

I’ll attach a photo of my parent’s wedding in Minneapolis in March of 1951. Everyone in the photo is dead except for my Mom standing next to Dad. My Dad’s family is on the left. My Mom’s family is on the right. My Dad’s two younger brothers are in the front.
My wife’s parents were the same generation. They also were successful in raising their family and moving up in the world. They are gone, too.

I will miss the generation of Americans raised in the Great Depression and WWII. For they were the dreamers and hard workers who made my world possible.


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