At the Hospital, Nov. 27, 2022

Hip Replacement Pin

At the Hospital 11:27:22

At the Hospital, November 27th, 2022

I spent four days in the hospital this past week. This is my narrative of that experience.

First I will describe myself. I am 70 years old, white male, and in good health. I’ve alway been a fitness nut running marathons, climbing mountains, riding bicycles, working out every day.

The only time I’d ever spent a night in a hospital was in the 1970’s when my children were born. My wife, first wife, had difficulty with the childbirths.

On Tuesday, November 22 (11/22/22) at 2:35 PM that all changed. I fell down onto the asphalt as I carried groceries out of the store. I’d broken my right hip pin.

It was a beautiful sunny 70F afternoon. The grocery staff, whom I knew well, were very helpful and called the fire department which then called an ambulance.

I was in excruciating pain. They lifted me up onto the gurney into the ambulance and I went to the local hospital emergency room.

At the emergency room I was asked if I’d been vaccinated for Covid. “No. My wife and I had Covid or whatever it was at the beginning in early March 2020 and haven’t been sick since.”

The nurse then shoved the swab up my nose for a Covid test. The “vaccines” and “Covid test” were never brought up again. I was also left maskless though all the staff wore them.

The nurse finally was able to find a vein in my hand and give me an IV link. She then gave me 50mg fentanyl for my pain.

“It works quickly, but fades fast.”
My pain receded from a 10+ to about a 7+.

I was in the room, which was cold, for 45 minutes or more. The nurse came by and gave me 50mg more of fentanyl.

This wasn’t nearly enough pain killer. I was at an 8 pain level when the big Ukrainian X-Ray tech wheeled me down the corridors into the modern X-Ray room.

This room was so modern, metallic, and futuristic it could have been in a Sci-Fi film.

The next 40 minutes or so of excruciating pain I’d rather forget. I was bent into positions that made me exclaim with swearing and gasps of air. Steel plates were shoved under my pelvis and back. I would have told them anything to get the pain to stop.

Wheeling me back to the ER patient room the X-Ray tech told me my pelvic pin was broken.

I spent another two hours or more in that room until my hospital room in the Medical Surgical Unit was ready.

There I was moved into my new home. A hospital bed that costs $40,000 each to buy.

There I was given Oxycodeine and finally my pain subsided.

The next day, Wednesday, I was operated on and given a new pin in my right hip. The surgery went well.

I was released from the hospital on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

The only time I had to wear a mask was when I was being wheeled to the operating room. The staff knew masks were bogus, but the corporate culture who owns the hospital demands them on staff and patients in hallways.

Now I come to the reason I am writing this article.

Everyone I talked to at the hospital, doctors, nurses, patients, visitors agreed on one thing:

There are too many people on Earth. Resources are running low. The planet is dying.

All of them are limiting the number of children they have or having none. One nurse even showed a lack of understanding for a friend who has five children.

This is the end game of Bill Gates and the eugenics folks like Klaus Schwab and George Soros.

They want us to die off. They do not love life. Quite the contrary.

The staff at the Medical Surgical Unit were a close knit team, a family who looked out for each other and us patients. They are the heroes in the hospital.

There are staffing shortages. Without the nurses and nurses aids; hospitals will fail and we will die.

I have a relative who is a nurse. She says that 25% of nurses in America will quit or retire in 2023.

That will be the end of hospital health care. TJM

4 thoughts on “At the Hospital, Nov. 27, 2022

  1. And so it goes, I am so glad you could have this performed right there in your home town and the surgical team had the supplies to get you back out in short order.
    God bless you, and may your recovery be swift


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