Frolic Room Halloween

frolic room

PBTB frolic room halloween

At the Frolic Room, Late October, 2022

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys are back at the Frolic Room. It is a windy and cold night in Los Angeles as they sit at the bar sipping their drinks listening to old Jethro Tull tunes on the jukebox.

The Frolic Room is all dressed up for Halloween with pumpkin lights strung behind the bar and a witch with purple LED eyes hanging from the ceiling as she rides her broom.

Patrick: Is that your ex-wife or mine flying overhead?

Timothy: Yours. She had the violet eyes.

Patrick: I really liked those violet eyes. They were unique and so expressive. Especially when she told me to go to hell and that she was taking all the money.

Timothy: At least she left you your vinyl album collection.

Patrick: For which I am eternally grateful.

The bartender comes by and gives the boys another drink. The wind is howling down Hollywood Boulevard outside the bar at midnight. The only other customers are a young couple with pink and blue hair sitting in a booth in the back. The hanging witch’s purple LED lights bounces off of their colored heads.

Timothy: My ex-wife had pink hair for awhile. She also had a tattoo all the way across her shoulders of some vines or something.

Patrick: No doubt that was hemlock or maybe poison ivy.

Timothy: Well, it’s Halloween. The anniversary of my complete catastrophe.

Patrick: Forget about it. It was a long time ago. We need to focus on our next job.

Timothy: Which is?

Patrick: I have a lead on doing the Sapperstein Bar Mitzvah in Beverly Hills. We’ll be the comedy emcees.

Timothy: Please. No more Bar Mitzvahs. My ears are still ringing from the last one. I mean, who gives their teenage son a drum kit, a band, and amplification. The kid just made noise.

Patrick: That’s all I’ve got in the pipeline.

Timothy: Speaking of pipelines, does Biden want us to do some pipeline blow-up mitigation? Ya know, like, “We were just trying to make the gas pipeline safe when we found a bomb on it. Perhaps planted by aliens. We tried to defuse it, but failed.”

Patrick: I don’t think the alien line will work this early. They are saving the alien story for later as a Hail Mary when shit really goes bad.

Timothy: Well, how about Kamalatoes? VP Harris must need some help promoting herself as a “Ready in the wings saving angel” when Biden falls down one time too many.

Patrick: That’s after the election.

Timothy: Sighs… So we wait.

Patrick: Yes, we wait.

It’s almost Halloween and the wind is howling down Hollywood Boulevard.

The bartender comes by with another round of drinks. The jukebox plays “Thick as a Brick”.

The pink and blue-haired couple in the back shuffles out the back door. Timothy, Patrick, and the bartender are alone in the Frolic Room as the clock strikes 1 AM.

Patrick: Eddy (the bartender), what are you doing for Halloween?

Eddy: I’ll be here.

Timothy: You aren’t going to let kids in the bar to get treats are you?

Eddy: Of course not. Just old kids like you.

Patrick laughs: Eddy, we’ll wear our powder blue tuxedos on Halloween just for you.


One thought on “Frolic Room Halloween

  1. Violet, reminds me of this skinny chick that would sleep with me if I fixed her car. Come to think about that I believe I met her at a Elton John concert. It was the way Elton sang the word “Garage” she loved my garage… Fun times


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