The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Oct. 14, ’22

Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys in Brentwood, Los Angeles
October 14th, 2022

Today Senator Nancy Pelosi held a Democratic Party fundraiser at a mansion in Brentwood.Vice President Kamalatoes Harris was there along with Senile Uncle Joe Biden. Tickets were $5-$50k depending on how close one could get to the politicians.

Brentwood is of course the former home of O.J. Simpson who may very well have killed his wife Nicole and the handsome busboy, Ron Goldman, who was returning Nicole’s sunglasses that she’d left that local restaurant at lunch.

Simpson killed them both with a knife perhaps thinking they were having an affair.

So that is the setup for the skit:


Patrick and Timothy are attending the exclusive Pelosi fundraiser in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. They have both purchased $10k tickets to attend.

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys are wearing their tuxedos and leather gloves. They are also wearing sunglasses.

Timothy shouts, “Do any of you have our wive’s sunglasses?!?”

Patrick walks up to a handsome busboy.

“Were you returning her sunglasses? Or were you going to make a sperm contribution?” Patrick demands of the handsome busboy.

Suddenly a  knife (plastic of course) flashes and the handsome busboy is “stabbed”. Fake blood spurts everywhere.

Pelosi feints. The Secret Service clears the room. Panic ensues. Kamalatoes loses her shoes as she runs for the exit. Biden continues to eat ice cream.

Patrick: Don’t get that fake blood on me Pedro.

Pedro arises from the dead covered in pig’s blood.

Timothy: Here’s your one grand.

Secret Service agent: So this was all a gag?

Patrick: We thought you hired us. Weren’t you in on it?

Timothy: Yeah. Trump sent us the money yesterday.

Secret Service agent laughs. “It was pretty funny. But if I see this on YouTube you guys are going to jail.”

Patrick: No. This is just for Trump’s private collection.

Another waiter puts away his camera. Timothy hands him a grand, too. TJM

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