The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys: Swaziland: October 3rd, 2022



The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys; Swaziland

October 3rd, 2022

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys are at the Frolic Room on Hollywood Boulevard in LA. They are nursing their drinks at the bar as they listen to Toto sing Africa on the jukebox.

Patrick: I’m bored. We haven’t had a gig since the Queen went for her dirt nap.

Timothy: Me too. Any ideas.

Patrick: How about Africa? We could buy a small country like Swaziland and take it over.

Timothy: Swaziland was renamed Eswatini in 2018.

Patrick: Sounds like someone is describing your dick. We’ll change the name back. Swaziland has a swagger about it.

Timothy: Like some Swiss Nazis got lost in the jungle.

Patrick: No. Look. Only a million people live there. We could buy the place for a song.

Timothy: Have you seen the movie or read the story by Kipling, “The Man Who Would be King”?

Patrick: We won’t make the same mistakes. Neither of us is going to marry some African princess.

Timothy: Why not?

Patrick: We make a pact not to. We both saw what happened to Connery on that suspension bridge.

Timothy: Well, okay. What’s the plan?

Patrick: We buy the bank of Eswatini. Then we have control. We support a handsome young man or woman to be President, but we run the show.

Timothy: And we fix the schools, the hospitals, roads, etcetera. Where does the money come from?

Patrick: Sugar cane and tourism! It’s a beautiful country. We can make Eco-Rum for the greenies and import some gorillas to live in the mountains for the tourists. It will be paradise!

Timothy: Well, I guess it would be something to do.

The bartender comes to refill their glasses.

Bartender: I’m just glad I didn’t put Bali Hai on the jukebox.


Swaziland Flag

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