Joe Rochioli RIP, August 26, 2022

Article in “Healdsburg Spittoon” about Joe Rochioli

Rochioli Home and Vineyards

Good-Bye Joe Rochioli, August 26, 2022

Twenty years ago my wife and I met Joe Rochioli at his modest 1950’s home out on Westside Road. We were catering his son’s wedding at the house.

Joe was using two canes and looked in ill health. He was also angry over his recent divorce, “She took me for everything!” He said.

Joe was bitter about it. “We built all of this and now she throws me away.”

I liked Joe and his Pinto Noir is fantastic. Back then a person could just go to the tasting room (in the photo to the right) and buy all the Rochioli wine you wanted. Not now. A four-year waiting list just to get on the mailing list.

Good to read in the “Healdsburg Spittoon” article that the family is continuing the winery with the next generations of Rochiolis. They won’t sell out. So many winery families have in Sonoma County.

I was very sad today to read of Joe’s death. Even though I only met him once; he was a real man.


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