At the Frolic Room July 27, ’22

frolic room los angeles

Frolic Room 7:27:22

Frolic Room, July 27th, 2022 , 2 AM, Los Angeles, CA

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys are drinking late at the Frolic Room on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. It has been a nice cool, for LA, July day. Not much smog in the air today.

The Powder Blue Boys are commiserating about their last job in DC:

Timothy: I told you we shouldn’t have gone to DC in January of any year, let alone an election year.

Patrick: It was good money. Not our fault that it all went haywire. We got paid.

Timothy: We almost ended up in the Capitol Police Jail like those other poor sods. We could be eating bologna sandwiches for over a year.

Patrick: Calm down, dude. I had our getaway plan all planned.

Timothy: Spending eight hours in the trunk of Nancy Pelosi’s Mercedes wasn’t pleasant. The perfume was obnoxious.

Patrick: We made it out of DC didn’t we? And Trump paid us.

Timothy: He paid us well to shut up and go away.

The boys drink in silence as the police and firetrucks go by on Hollywood Boulevard with their sirens howling and lights blaring through the windows of the Frolic Room.

The bartender comes by and the boys order another round.

Bartender: It’s a bit late for you old boys to be drinking isn’t it?

Patrick: Our dog died.
Timothy: And he was such a good dog.

Bartender: Is that why you are wearing your tuxedos? Did you go to the funeral?

Patrick: Bartender, you have been listening to us too long.

Timothy: Good joke though.

Bartender: Thanks for the bone.

Patrick and Timothy look at each other;

A soft breeze comes into the bar from the Pacific as the door is open. The smell of ozone mixes with sea spray and Hollywood dreams. One can almost hear those dashed dreams as the sirens go blaring by.

Timothy: So did the check clear? TJM

Frolic Room

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