At the Frolic Room, 6/30/22

Southern Ute Reservation

frollic Room 6:30:22

At the Frolic Room, June 30th, 2022, LA, CA

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys are at the bar in the Frolic Room on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. It has been a very pleasant sunny eighty degree day with a nice cool breeze coming in off of the Pacific.

Patrick: What a nice day. The weather was perfect and now the sun is setting over the mountains. All is well.

Timothy: Yeah. Ute need another drink?

Patrick: “Ute?” What are Ute up to? You never ask me if I need another drink.

Timothy: Well, I got a call today from the Chief of the Southern Utes. We might have a gig.

Ute Chiefs

Patrick: The Southern Utes? Are Ute kidding me?

Bartender: Oh, that’s a groaner. Here’s another round for you boys.

Timothy: Thanks. Patrick, look, the Chief thinks we can make it rain.

Patrick: What? I don’t even know how to run my home’s sprinkler system.

Timothy: The Chief’s assistant told me that after watching us on TV for the Oscars, Emmy’s, whatever; it always rained on the reservation.

Patrick: Those award shows are usually in the winter or spring so, duh.

Timothy: Look, the Utes will pay our way and put us up at the casino/hotel.

Patrick: Do they have any money?

Timothy: Yeah, the have this great scam going. They have this carbon methane capture project. It supposedly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. They deliver the gas to a natural gas pipeline and to boot, get additional revenue from selling carbon credits. It’s brilliant!

Patrick: Sounds like they can buy water. Are Ute sure about this?

Timothy: They’d rather have it rain. And I suggest stopping the Ute jokes before Ute get there.

Patrick: Where is “there”?

Timothy: Southwestern Colorado on the New Mexico border. We’ll be staying with the Capote tribe.

Patrick: Truman Capote has his own tribe?
Timothy: I wouldn’t do the Capote jokes either at the res.

Patrick: So what do we do to make it rain?

Ute Dancing

Timothy: We put on our powder blue tuxedos and do an awards show on the res. We’ll be giving out awards for cross country racing, dance, and best cornbread.

Patrick: The Utes are crazy and so are Ute you.

Timothy: Look. It’s good money and I hear that southwestern Colorado is pretty.

Patrick: My guess is that the Utes are living in the middle of nowhere. The Feds took all the good land.

Timothy: But it’s a pretty nowhere and the gas fields give the Utes

money. The Feds didn’t know about the gas fields in the 19th century.

Patrick: Okay. As long as we don’t get paid in beads. Timothy: We used to sell beads.
Patrick: That was long ago.

Timothy and Patrick are lost in their thoughts of early 1970’s trips to Colorado to purchase beads from the Bead Lady who lived in a log cabin in the foothills of the Rockies near Boulder.

They both sigh and take another drink.


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