Covid Calendar, August 2, 2021

Covid Calendar

Covid Calendar, August 2nd ,2021
Back on March 16th, 2020 when the Governor of California
told us that we’d have to wear masks, close down “nonessential
businesses”, and social distance to “flatten the
curve”; I started making chalk marks on our blackboard
calendar. I had a feeling this government bullshit would last
more than three weeks.

I eventually filled up the chalkboard with chalk marks as I
marked the days of madness. Then I erased it when the
chalkboard was full, and starting marking the days again.
About a week ago I’d filled up the Covid Calendar with
chalk marks again, but decided this time not to erase it.
What would be the point? This government tyranny is not
going to end voluntarily on the government’s part.

Meanwhile in the 16 months of this propaganda pandemic
crap, our little town of Healdsburg (pop. 12,000+) has been

Now the restaurants serve their customers in parklets.
Permanent open sided structures in the parking places in
front of their businesses.

The churches all shut down for a year or more. Brave
Christian soldiers they be. Now you can go to services
indoors, if you wear a mask and stay six feet away from
your fellow Christians. Oh, joy. And singing was forbidden
for a long time. Maybe these lukewarm Christians are
allowed to sing now.

Friends and family members have been lost to my wife and
I to the Covid Pandemic Propaganda. The days on the Covid
Calendar mark the slow descent of our town into madness.
Our friendly town of peace and liberty is gone.

The CDC VAERS site (Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction Site),
lists 12,000+ dead Americans from the Covid “vaccines”.
That is the population of our town.

Our town might as well be dead as far as I’m concerned. It
means naught to me now.

We are also on water restrictions (74gal/day/person) in
Healdsburg. Oh, the hits just keep on coming. I suppose a
wildfire evacuation will be next. Already been through one
of those. (Didn’t evacuate.)

I see 7 or more water trucks a day delivering water to the
millionaires living in our town so they can keep their pools
filled and lawns green.

Our zillionaire neighbor a foot away next door had a truck
deliver water today at 4PM on Sunday! Scared our cat to
hell. It is the Sabbath! It is also against city ordinance to
make construction noise on Sundays or holidays.

So now we live in a town of millionaires and scaredy cats (in
more ways than one.)

This is what our ancestors fought for?
It’s pathetic.

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