Sunset Boulevard, April 5th, 2021

Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Sunset Boulevard, April 5th, 2021

Patrick and Timothy are in their powder blue tuxedos. They’ve been drinking all afternoon in the Frolic Room Bar next to the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, California.

It’s been a beautiful early afternoon in LA. As the sun sets the boys in powder blue decide to take a walk down Sunset Boulevard. They have their To-Go cups in hand full of their favorite libations. They are not wearing masks, nor have they been jabbed.

Patrick: It is a beautiful sunset on Sunset Boulevard.

Timothy: It’s like we are at the end of a beautiful movie.

Patrick: I just used “beautiful”. Please try to be original.

Timothy: Everyone’s a critic.

Patrick: Ain’t that the truth. We did have a lot of fun at the Awards Shows.

Timothy: We were lucky to escape alive. Remind we. Why did we do those shows?

Patrick: Money.

Timothy: Ah, yes.

The powder blue boys continue to stroll down Sunset Boulevard under the tall Canary Island palm trees. They sip their drinks and admire the neon signs and humanity going by.

Timothy: Did we really need to do those political rallies and deal with the politicians? Sometimes I wonder.

Patrick: They paid well and besides, maybe doing that work for the big boys is a get out of jail free card for us.

Timothy: True. True.

Patrick: Maybe it’s time to retire.

Timothy: Do we have enough money?

Patrick: Sure. I invested our money in Game Stop stock. Sold it at the top. We’re set.

Timothy: Fantastic.

Patrick: You are welcome.

Timothy: See you at the Frolic Room tomorrow? Usual time?

Patrick: You betcha.

The boys in powder blue continue to walk down Sunset Boulevard into the sunset. Suddenly three black SUV’s show up. Men in black suits, wrap-around sunglasses, and guns surround the duo.

The boys in powder blue are forced into two separate SUVs.

The SUVs disappear into the sunset.


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