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Clouds August 15th, 2020

We’ve had nothing but deep blue skies here in Sonoma County, California for the past two months. Not a cloud in sight.

Today it was 102F and yesterday it was 105F. Yesterday at 8:30 PM it was 100F. But today at sunset we had clouds come in from the Pacific Ocean. And today at 8:30 PM it is 88F.

I took pictures of the clouds. Our neighbors came out of their homes and gazed skyward in amazement. What are these nebulous orange and white and gray filaments in the sky?

And then the oddest thing happened. A cloud came over our house and dropped a smattering of rain on us. Well, it wasn’t really rain. More like a priest throwing Holy Water on us for a few seconds.

Maybe the heat wave will break? Maybe it will at least give us cool weather at night. It’s the hot nights that are the worst.

It’s funny how humans forget once something is out of sight. It becomes out of mind. Like clouds and rain here in Sonoma County in our long hot summers.



Cloud Two.jpg

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