Capturing Pepe le Pew on Camera


Capturing Pepe le Pew on Camera 8/13/2020

Tonight was a warm evening after a hot day. At 9:30 PM it was still 77F out on the back patio. The stars were bright overhead. The crescent moon had set. The Big Dipper and other constellations were clear to see. Not a breath of wind.

I sat at the back patio table admiring the view and listening to the many crickets chirping as they rubbed their legs together to try and attract a mate. This is not how human males do it.

It was very peaceful. Buddy had just been fed in the laundry/mud room off of the back porch and I’d left the door open to let in some cooler air.

A few minutes later I heard Pepe le Pew, the skunk, banging on Buddy’s cat food bag by the back door again. He’s done this before. Buddy’s cat food bowl is 12 inches away, but Pepe wants the whole bag man!

I go up to the back porch and shine the light on Pepe and he runs down the steps and around the corner of the house.

Arthur wants another photo of Pepe so I put out Buddy’s food bowl on the back porch and waited in my chair on the patio. I had the camera ready to go.

Suddenly I hear fireworks or gunshots going off about 10 blocks east of us over by the Russian River. It’s 10 PM by now. How odd.

Then I hear Pepe eating Buddy’s food on the back porch. I grab the camera and am ready for the shot when more gunshots or fireworks go off and it spooks Pepe. I just missed him.

So, sorry Arthur. Pepe has eluded my camera again.

PS: It was dark as I took the photos and had to guess at the shots so, Buddy is not in frame.


Pepe le Pew-2.jpg


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