Thanksgiving & Halloween on the Plaza

Healdsburg Plaza.png

Thanksgiving & Halloween on the Plaza, Friday, Nov. 8th, 2019
Today was a good day in Healdsburg. The sun was out as usual and
it was 72F in the afternoon.
There was a big thank you to the Cal Fire firefighters and the other
fire fighters from Healdsburg and Geyserville and the Indian Casino
on the plaza. The fire trucks were lines all around the plaza. The
streets were closed off to traffic.
A band was playing in the gazebo on the plaza from 4-6 PM. Folks
wandered about with bubbles being blown and straw bales and
pumpkins and all the kids and adults in costumes.
Because it was also Halloween in Healdsburg. We lost our Halloween
holiday to the Kincade Fire, so today was a combined thank you to
the firefighters and a Halloween treat to the kids.
My wife and I had haircuts in town today so we both walked through
the plaza this afternoon and thanked the firefighters personally. We
were emotional. They did save our town from the fire.
The cops had a small presence. The county sheriff none, which was
fine by me.
There were three huge 7’ by 15’ chalkboards at the west end of the
plaza with “Thank you for” in Spanish and English in alternating
lines. Chalk was at the side so one could write what was thankful
At 3:45 the boards were almost empty and I wrote in green chalk,
“CalFire for saving our town!”
When we came back at 6:30 PM after our haircuts and dinner, the
blackboards were completely full of comments of thanks.
Kids were playing on the square on haystacks and toys. It was very
I hope that this Thanksgiving/Halloween evening can end the
trauma of the emergency.
We quite frankly, don’t even want to talk about it anymore.
But we will never forget our quiet sunny afternoons of quiet when
time almost stopped for us during the emergency.
It was a recess from reality. A cold, dark, and quiet recess it was.
All the best,

Healdsburg Fire Department.png

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