Kincade Fire Denouement

Hburg Police Department.png

Kincade Fire Denouement, November 4th, 2019
The fire news is off of the news now. Our town is back to almost
normal after almost two weeks of chaos and fear.
It was Saturday October 26th that the Sheriff ordered everyone out
of town and we stayed in our home.
We had five days of house arrest basically. We used our Coleman
stove to heat water and cook our meals. We had plenty of ice in the
freezer and the nights were very cold. Down below freezing.
My wife and I had our sunny few hours each afternoon on the back
patio to enjoy a cocktail and each other. The chores had to wait.
The sun ran our lives. We slept long hours in bed during the long
cold dark nights. We kept the lights low so the cops driving by
didn’t see us.
And the cops had their generators going down at the cop station
three blocks west of our house. They had plenty of gas and hot food
and probably hot showers.
We had our first hot shower in ten days today.
Still, I miss those five days. Now the natives are back. We’ve got our
chores to do. And the people and their yakkety yakkety yack gets
old really fast after five days of silence.
We are very tired. We have to catch up with laundry and shopping
and gardening and communications…For what?
Sure, we need each other to make the thin veneer of civilization. But
when it’s gone and the vestiges remain; we have the quiet. I miss the

patio 3.jpg

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