MIP CFO Statement

SMART TRAIN REVENUE.pngMIP (Monorail Investment Project) September 21, 2019
Financial Prognosis
We here at MIP, four entrepreneurs and a raccoon; we see an
investment opportunity here in Sonoma County, California.
Myself as Chief Financial Officer, ( no photos please ), I have of
course looked into the other train in Sonoma County going to Marin
County. Well, let’s face it; it’s a Marin County train run by a Marin
County bureaucrat who is named after a famous Muslim warrior. He
doesn’t know about trains, but he knows how to make money from
I suggest we emulate his business plan.
If you look at the chart above about SMART (sic) train revenues you
see that they are at $70 million dollars. All of this money comes
from the taxpayers of California and Sonoma County.
The next chart shows expenses of about $17 million, 95% of which
goes to wages. (We can lower that cost by breaking the unions and
bringing in immigrants.)
That leaves $53 million (minimum) in slush fund money for
investors who wish to milk the green energy/government con game
going on today.
As CFO of MIP, I suggest that we find a few investors who will put
up the $30 million per mile it will cost to build the monorail
between Healdsburg and Cloverdale.
It will cost $540 million (tops) to build this line, but we are talking
about a gravy train of $53 million per year in taxpayer payments to
our rail line investors that will continue forever!
That is a 10% return on investment. Not bad!
Buy MIP stock!
Invest in the dream;
Above it All!
Anonymous, CFO, MIPSMART Train Expenditures.png

Monorail Investment Project.png

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