Skunk Hunting


Skunk Hunting, June 4th, 2019
My good friend Arthur in Scotland is fascinated with the fact that a
skunk and possum come by our house here in Sonoma County
almost every night to eat oranges from our tree and our cat,
Buddy’s, cat food.
Arthur has asked me to catch a photo of the little critters, so tonight
I set out the bait (Buddy’s cat food) and sat at the ready on the patio
with camera in hand.
Buddy immediately came to me feet and lay on the patio as a watch
I heard a noise. I took a photo. I heard a noise. I took a photo. But,
the skunk and the possum were elusive.
It is a beautiful evening. The new crescent moon has set and the
stars are bright over Healdsburg. It was very hot today, 94F/34.5C.
Now it has cooled off to 70F/20C. It is very pleasant and no wind.
Just the stars overhead and the cat at my feet.
But no skunk or possum about!
The world of nature does not bend to our wills.
Tim McGraw

skunk one.jpgskunk two.jpgbuddy on guard.jpg

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