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Disease, April 5th, 2019
There is a mandatory vaccine law here in California for any child
that attends government or private schools in the state.
That’s the vaccine schedule in the link above. And every child has to
have these vaccines injected into them to attend government and
private schools in California. Big Pharma makes $3,000 a kid off of
this. Big money.
I always believed in vaccines. Still do. Sure, some are bad or suspect;
like the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella vaccine cocktail from Merck
that Japan has banned), but most work.
When I got that job in the Amazon in 1990, I went to the clinic and
got my shots. The gamma globulin one really boosted my energy
level and immunity system. Also the Dengue Fever vaccine.
But, no vaccine for malaria or dysentery was around.
Fortunately, the air was so polluted in Belem, Brazil on the equator
that mosquitoes could not survive to spread malaria. But dysentery I
had every day. I lost thirty pounds in six months.
No vaccine for dysentery. You have to really experience dysentery to
understand it. It starts off as an excruciating pain in your guts. Then
you start to sweat. And suddenly you need to shit anywhere you
can. If you are lucky a toilet is nearby. This didn’t always happen for
me in Belem.
I remember one day on the set sitting on the outhouse toilet in
major pain, and looking up at the ceiling and seeing a tarantula the
size of my hand crawling across the ceiling. I could not move off of
the toilet seat.
And then suddenly….the bacteria is gone. The pain is gone. The shit
is finally gone. Suddenly one feels like a million dollars has just
been given to them.
It’s quite remarkable.
But then in 8, ten, 12 hours; it all happens again.
It’s a roller coaster life to live.
The only way to get rid of dysentery, as well as cholera; is to have a
functioning sewage system and clean water system. Vaccines are
And perhaps our longer lives in America are due to functioning
sewage systems and clean water systems and not vaccines, or both.
One thing I learned in Belem, Brazil in the Amazon on the equator is
that my skin is not thick enough to keep the little buggers out.
Tim McGraw

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