Nursing Home Blues

Nursing Home Blues, October 7th, 2018

Well, Mom & Dad weren’t feeling too good
They’d become a hazard to the neighborhood.
Mom was driving blind down the street
& all Dad wanted to do was watch TV and eat.

The cars were sold when the cops took away
Mom & Dad’s driver’s licenses that tragic day.
An accident, a lawsuit, fees were paid.
And a lot of things were left unsaid.

Finally after the caregivers fiasco had ended.
The children’s denial of reality was suspended.
A nursing home was found for poor Mom & Dad.
The best nursing home around to be had.

It only cost ten thousand per month and such a deal.
None of the kids could complain about their care or squeal.
Mom & Dad were happy in the nursing home no doubt.
And none of the children wanted them to come out.

The kids would visit the fading Mom & Dad.
They’d bring them the best fast food to be had.
Or take them out to lunch for ribs on occasion.
For Mom & Dad it was an exotic vacation.

Soon enough Mom & Dad were shitting in diapers.
The kids would call in the Hispanic ass-wipers.
The food in the home wasn’t very great.
But at least for a year, Mom & Dad ate.

But soon enough for Mom & Dad it was morphine time.
The kids force fed them for no reason or rhyme.
The activities in the home were long forgotten.
Mom & Dad’s bodies were going rotten.
And that’s how life ends in the nursing home blues.
Live your life well, for you have nothing to lose.
The nursing homes await those who stumble.
Keep moving so your body doesn’t crumble.

And seeing the old folks die does make one ponder.
Is life a blessing and a wonderful wonder?
Or does it all end with Morphine and diapers?
An endless line of Hispanic ass-wipers?

I’ve got the nursing home blues and I can’t lose them.
Send me a holy book and something to soothe them.
Make me laugh and believe in it all again.
Tell me the world is bright and full of Zen.

Make me forget the nursing home blues.
Tell me that I’ve got nothing to lose,
& I’ll be fine and it will all end well.
& I won’t end up in nursing home Hell.

Tim McGraw

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