Down on the Town Square

Down on the Town Square, September 22, 2018
It was a Saturday afternoon here in Healdsburg, California. The
tourists were everywhere sampling the beautiful weather and
ambience of wine country.
My wife and I walked down to the square at 4 Pm. Which we rarely
My wife went off shopping and I sat at the Oakville Grocery on the
Southeast corner of the square on the patio drinking my iced down
I enjoyed watching the show. Young men and women went by all
dressed up for weddings. The men in their tuxes and the women in
formals. One woman was wearing a silky turquoise dress very low
cut in the back down to her ass. She held her boyfriend’s hand as
they walked by.
A 50 year old lesbian walked by them and turned around to check
out the turquoise dressed woman’s ass. This isn’t Nebraska.
Then the large “Mr. Frosty” serving soft served ice cream drove by a
couple of times with its lights flashing hoping for customers.
The Healdsburg Fire Department engine drove by and its crewman
waved at us, the kids mostly, at Oakville Grocery.
The kids waved back. I gave the fireman a weak wave. The firemen
cost at least $180,000 each per year.
And then the funniest tourist contraption came by. It is an open air
trolley painted red with a black and white canopy. The 12 patrons
aboard it pedal away to power it as they drink away with their pints
of beer and wines glasses. They seemed to be having fun.
My wife returned with her purchases and we went home. TJM

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