The Streets of Old Healdsburg, 3/9/23

Healdsburg Plaza

The Streets of Healdsburg 3:9:23

The Streets of Ol’ Healdsburg. March 9th, 2023

(Sung to the tune of “The Streets of Laredo” (Johnny Cash/Marty Robbins)

As I walk the streets of the new Healdsburg
I wonder what happened to Healdsburg of old,
I see the new hotels crowded with tourists,
They walk on our streets pretentious and bold.

“I can see by your outfit that you are a native.”
This old man did say as I sadly walked by.
“Come and sit down beside me and hear my sad story.
I’m taxed to the max and I know I must fly.

Fly away to the desert, I must to Arizona
Oh, once ‘twas here and it all was so gay.
But not in the gay way that new people say-say.
For we were all happy in our old-fashioned way

Now I’m away to the deserts of Arizona.
I say goodbye to my old farming town.
soon to be living on the slabs in a trailer.
No more the old bars and vineyards to roam.

So bang the gong slowly, chant Om ever holy.
Miss me at the bars and please sing me a song.
Don’t sing of the hotels, carpetbaggers, or cons.
Just know that I lived here and loved her so long.

Just send me a postcard on the St. Patrick’s Day,
And tell me that Healdsburg has not yet passed away.
I’ll still love the old town I remember so well.
Though I may be desiccated and in my grave.”

After he’d finished speaking, the sun ’twas a setting.
The streets of Healdsburg grew lonely and bone cold.
I walked past the hotels, restaurants, and wineries,
Wondering what happened to Healdsburg of Old.

We bang the gong slowly, chant Om ever holy.
We miss the old bars and singing an old song.
We pass the new hotels and tourists aplenty.
And so we wonder now if we even belong.


Marty Robbins – The Streets Of Laredo – YouTube

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