The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys, Jan 5, 2020

Frolic Room LA

The Powder Blue Tuxedo Boys, Jan. 5, 2022

The boys are at the bar of the Frolic Room as usual. It is a rainy January afternoon in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip.

Patrick; Well, I got a call from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Timothy: Oh no! Not the Super Bowl!

Patrick: Yeah. He wants us to introduce the half time show.

Timothy: Who’s in the half time show?

Patrick: Dr. Dre, Snopp Dogg, Kendrick, Eminem, Mary J. Blige.

Timothy: Who is Mary Bilge?

Patrick: It’s “Blige”. She’s a black woman with blonde hair.

Timothy: Well, who is “Kendrick”?

Patrick: He’s a black rapper with a beard. You really should watch something besides political crap and the History Channel.

Timothy: Well, I watch the Weather Channel.

Patrick: I rest my case.

Timothy: I know who Eminem is and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Patrick: You get a cookie.

Timothy: Do you want to take the job? We’ll have to wear masks?

Patrick: We can do it remotely from right here in the Frolic Room. The NFL is just trying to get us old farts to give a flying fuck about the half time show.

Timothy: So how do we play it? What’s the joke?

Patrick: We wear three masks apiece with the Dr. Fauci image. We have needles sticking out of the arms of our powder blue tuxedos.

Timothy: We should also wear helmets with face shields.

Patrick: Perfect. We just say, “And here for your half time enjoyment is a half time show with the same racial makeup as the National Football League.”

Timothy: Oh, I like it. But I do suggest we get paid in advance.

Patrick: Of course.

The lights flicker and dim in the Frolic Room. Could be a power outage in the valley.


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