Healdsburg Today, March 11, 2021

Healdsburg Plaza
My View of Hotel Healdsburg Today

Healdsburg Today: March 11, 2021

Today my wife and I walked down to the town square. It’s only four blocks away from our house. Debra wanted to get some St. Patrick’s Day cards at Copperfield Books.

There are sandwich board signs on the town square saying, “Wear a mask or pay $100 fine.” I have always ignored these signs. They’ve been sitting on the corners of the town square for a year now.

My wife is a kinder human being than me. She put on her mask so that she didn’t scare all, and I mean all of the people on the town square wearing masks. (unless of course they were eating ice cream cones, it was a bright sunny warm afternoon, or drinking wine.)

I sat at the corner of Healdsburg Avenue and Mathieson Street looking at the Hotel Healdsburg kitty corner from my bench.

I watched all the masked folk walk by. Many had little dogs on leashes. (The dogs were not wearing masks). I watched the cars go by. Many drivers wearing masks.

I put on a mask to go into the book store and we bought some Sonoma County landscape photo cards that are green. Sonoma County in winter does look a lot like eastern Ireland.

Debra then walked to the Zizi shop to buy some bras. I sat on the town square in the sun like an old turtle.

Zizi was being remodeled, but the owner and her daughter (very tall women) recognized my wife. Debra is a very good and friendly customer. They said, “We are remodeling the place. Sorry for the mess. The computers are down.”

Debra frowned, “I just want to buy some bras.”

Owner of Zizi, “Do you have cash?”

Debra, “Yes, and I’ll pay the exact price.”

The cost was $60.25. Debra gave them three twenties and the two women said, “That’s fine.”

Debra, “No. It’s $60.25. I have a quarter here.”

This is one of the many reasons I love my wife.

We walked home through the masked populace of the town square. Debra sure enough, had some skin problems from her mask when we got home. A mask line under the eye, a bit of rash.

This is why we rarely go to the town square. It’s like entering an insane asylum.


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