Going to the Doctor

Healdsburg Physicians Group

Going to the Doctor, Dec. 8th, 2020

Today my wife and I went to the doctor. We are in our late sixties and haven’t had a doctor in awhile as most of them in town have retired.

If you look at the photo, that is the clinic we went to today at the north end of town. There was only one car besides ours in the parking lot. The three empty parking spaces in the old Google Earth photo are now reserved for “Video Visits”.

I guess a patient parks their car there and talks to the doctor on the smart phone by video. Hilarious.

We put on our masks and went inside at 1 PM. The waiting room was empty. An elderly man in a wheelchair was at the front desk. He was soon wheeled out of the clinic, but at the front door I heard him exclaim, “I don’t feel any different!”

Well, he was gone. So the nurse had a little table in the waiting room. She sat down and filled out our forms for us. That was new! We had to put our foreheads near a temperature machine on the wall to be sure we didn’t have a fever.

Debra’s temp was 94.7.

“That’s low.” Said the nurse. “Not normal.

“My wife is not normal.” Said I.

I put my head up close and got a 97.7 temp.

“ See, I’m normal.”

“I’m as normal as you are.” Said my wife. “As if you are normal.”

Nurse, “Perhaps if Debra put her head closer to the scanner.”

Sure enough, 97.7.

“Are your married?” Asked the nurse.

“Can’t you tell?” Says I.

“I just wanted make sure.” Said the nurse. “This couple was acting like they were married and I assumed she was his wife. ‘No’ She said, ‘I am not his wife!’ I’ve been careful about it ever since.”

“Maybe she was his concubine.” I said, but no one heard me. A Popeye under the breath remark.

There was a pathetic, imo, skinny plastic Xmas tree in the corner of the waiting room all decorated in red and white cheap ornaments. Two TVs, one on each side of the room, were playing a constant loop about the dangers of Covid-19.

There were only a few chairs scattered around the room. The rest of the chairs were stacked up in the corner taped off.

We waited and then an old lady of about 80 came through the front door. She was white, well dressed, well coiffed, her purse and wallet matched. They were a red and white design to match the Xmas tree I thought to myself.

The elderly lady walked just fine. She told the nurse that she was well and hadn’t traveled out of California or anywhere. “Who has?” She said.

I liked her right off.

The insurance cards were exchanged amongst all of us with the nurse of course. Just give them the government get free health care card and all will be well.

We were called in to to see the doctor. Weighed we were. They didn’t check our height this time. Maybe the pretenses of all that are….
We liked our doctor. He is about 57 or so, white, overweight, balding, kind eyes; and he apologized for being late… twice. That doesn’t happen.

The doctor liked our masks. Said so twice. How kind.

It was a meet and greet kinda meeting. The doctor played with the computer. We answered the questions. The doctor referred us to a dermatologist. That equatorial sun in Brazil and California does do some damage.

It all went very well all things considered. Better than in the old days of waiting in a waiting room full of sick patients… waiting and waiting and waiting while reading those germ infested magazines (the magazine rack sits empty like King Tut’s tomb.)

And into the bright afternoon sunshine we left the clinic. Removed our masks immediately, and breathed.


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