Agave Restaurant

Agave Restaurant, Nov. 27th, 2020

Today it was another sunny warm dry day here in Healdsburg, California. We are way behind on our rainfall this winter. No sign of rain for at least another week.

My wife and I swept up a bin full of leaves on our property blown in from the oak trees across the street at the Catholic school. We have come to hate oak trees. This is the fourth time we’ve swept up the leaves and there are many thousands more to come from the oaks.

We felt like getting take-out food after all the cooking for the Thanksgiving Day holiday so I drove down to Agave Mexican Restaurant in the strip mall on the west side of town.

In the photo above from Google Earth I’d be under the middle umbrella as I sat awaiting my order of food to go. I always get a Pacifica beer on tap as I wait. I never finish it.

Today it was cold so the propane heaters were there by the tables. The umbrellas are in storage.

A young family arrived for a sit down dinner at the entrance. The photo below could have been them, but the wife today had blonde hair and the husband only wore jeans and a t-shirt. They all wore masks.

I’m sitting there at my table in heavy sweat pants, t-shirt, turtle neck, lined sweater vest, plus a fleece jacket on top along with the usual cashmere scarf, hat, and gloves. I’m barely warm enough.

The wait staff is very friendly. It’s a family owned restaurant. Most of the staff and customers are conversing in Spanish.

It just made me sad to see the two daughters in masks and their parents okay with all of the mask madness.

The food arrived and I drove home in the Jeep. TJM

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