Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove, November 7th, 2020

The 2020 election is being contested. The Big Boys have made some moves on the chess board. Trump is out. Biden is in, or is it Harris?

Americans are shocked, SHOCKED! That anyone would steal an election.

Americans are like little children living in a Disney cartoon.

Back in the early 2000’s my wife and I worked in the catering business. We catered to the wealthy and powerful in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We also did a few jobs at the Bohemian Grove which is in a forest of giant redwoods. It sits across the Russian River from Monte Rio and is only a few miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

It was always cold in Bohemian Grove. The sun rarely lit the forest floor. The Grill, where we did most of our catering jobs, had a bar that circled a living redwood tree ten feet thick. I worked there often behind the bar. The plumbing and refrigeration were crap, but hey, we were in the woods.

Also the kitchen’s dishwasher would often overflow. All of the dinnerware had the Bohemian Grove Owl emblazoned on it. You can see that owl in miniature at the RH top corner of your dollar bills.

In the dining area of The Grill, there was a huge dining table next to a fireplace that could burn logs 6’ long. Next to the door to the kitchen was a beautiful picture of a naked maiden in the woods by a river gazing at the full moon. Her breasts were perfect and her nipples erect. She had a happy smile on her face.

But at one of the weddings we catered there, the bride insisted that this picture be removed. Sigh… Perhaps she didn’t like the comparison.

The Bohemian Grove is made up of several camps. Some camps are for music, some for drama, some for politics, some for money.

I remember we worked this one camp that had a caretaker who was completely ruined from drink. He had a huge belly and the dropsy. He was also white, as are almost all Bohemians, and bigoted. He gave our beautiful black caterer a hard time. I believe he used the “N” word. She left the job and waited in the van until we were done.

This camp was amazing because it had a pantry bigger than our kitchen full of booze. The camp also had a painting over the bar of an old man in a full tuxedo with tails flying as he impregnated, or attempted to, a beautiful young girl while they both lay on the keys of a grand piano. Quite an amazing portrait.

On anther job at the BC we catered to a group at the amphitheater. This is a large outdoor space with benches and a movie screen under the giant redwoods.

Decades ago Clint Eastwood premiered one of his movies there. Don’t know which one.

I was serving snacks on the silver tray when this middle-aged drunk comes up to me and starts bragging about what he’s drinking.

“This whiskey came from a riverboat sunk in the Mississippi in 1848. It is worth a fortune.”

He didn’t offer me any.

Over to the back of the amphitheater I saw a family in blue blazers, white slacks, and bow ties. They could have been from Cape Cod.

I slipped away on one BC job to explore a bit. I found the Bernard Maybeck designed two story redwood building. I think it’s been torn down since.

But back then in 2003 I walked up the steps and gazed through the dirty windows and curtains to see a tableau that could have come out of a 1940 film noir movie.

The reason this building is infamous is because supposedly FDR met Churchill in this building in 1940 or so and they agreed to begin the Manhattan Project as they drank Manhattans.

It was eerie to gaze in there and think of that.

Well, caterers are never noticed, but we notice everything. That was one of the joys of being a caterer. There weren’t many.

I am not surprised by anything that the .0001% do. Do not expect mercy.

“Keep it Dark”


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