Construction & Destruction

Construction Destruction, October 16th, 2020

As a kid I always liked to build snow dams in the gutters of the street. The snow would melt. The water would flow downhill. I’d build my snow dam and then bomb it with snowballs to destroy it. Such fun!

In summer a local nursery let us kids use their empty raised soil beds to build forts. Small forts of earth with our green plastic army men in them. We’d use sticks to reinforce the roofs. We loved to replay WWII.

Then we’d bomb our forts with glass marbles. We’d be sending in the artillery to see how long those green plastic soldiers stayed “alive”. Man, that was fun.

We’d also build plastic models of WWII battleships and aircraft carriers. Come July 4th, we’d buy some fireworks and put those plastic ship models in a red flyer wagon full of water.

We’d launch firecrackers and roman candles at the floating plastic replicas of WWII warships. As the coup de grace, we would set them on fire with lighter fluid.

Oh, that was really fun.

As I look around America today, I wonder if someone just wants to blow it all up for fun, profit, and just the pure glee of seeing the destruction.


One thought on “Construction & Destruction

  1. Steel wool and a little voltage. First discovered how cool steel wool would burn when polishing the model rail road train tracks, it lights up real good with the power on. So with some telephone wire from the guy next door, I would set off remote happenings of any hazard, use your imagination. Yes, charcoal lighting fluid was ways on the shopping list.


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