The Cabanagem

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The Cabanagem, August 29th, 2020

The Cabanagem was a race war that took place in Belem, Brazil, state of Para, 1835-1840. Wikipedia calls it a “popular revolution”. Bullshit! It was a race war.

I spent six months in Belem, Brazil in the summer of 1990 working on a movie. I learned enough Portuguese to understand the locals who are very friendly, great dancers, and probably the best… well, I’ll let that part go.

Brazil imported 9 slaves for every one that went to the USA. Most of them went to the equatorial regions, like Belem, for the sugar and rubber plantations.

During the Cabanagem the blacks took over Belem and killed every white person they saw. Then Britain blockaded the city. The British wanted the lumber from the Amazon for their navy.

After a year or so the blacks were starved out of the city and retreated into the jungle. The Portuguese and British took over Belem.

They then sent out hunter killer teams to kill every black or brown person they encountered in the jungles around Belem. Over 50% of the population of Para died in these five years of race war.

When I was in Belem, it was still very racist, but everyone got along. The blacker you were, the lower your rung in society. As a blonde blue-eyed white American I was treated like a demi-god.

I was visiting my girlfriend’s family home and the grandmother brought out a baby who had blonde hair and blue eyes, a rarity there. Was I supposed to bless it? I just smiled and said, “Linda bebe.” (Pretty baby).

Racism sucks. It’s stupid and so subjective. Obama was black. No… he was a mulatto. He had a white mother. And yet it’s all about Obama being the first black President.

In Nazi Germany they decided that 1/16th being a Jew would get you sent to the concentration camps. They had studied the Jim Crow laws of the southern USA which said that if you had a drop of black blood in you, you were black.

Even the Nazis thought this was too draconian of a definition of race.

It’s all just a way for the elites to keep us divided in my opinion.

Let us judge each other by the content of our characters as Martin Luther King Jr. famously said.

Racism is the work of the Devil.


2 thoughts on “The Cabanagem

  1. People seem to have lost the fear of the Lord 🙏
    Certainly no respect for others and self discipline, it’s a selfish and destructive way to live.
    Bless you Tim, thank you for bringing these subjects.

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  2. Yes it is a selfish and destructive way to live. In 1990 the Belemese were a happy people and they all smiled and got along very well together. They are also very religious. Perhaps they remember what happens when hate takes over.


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