Arrival Belem

May 1990 jungle srip

Belem Brazil Amazon River

Arrival Belem, Brazil Thirty Years Ago Today, May 27th, 2020

You all know the story of how I was hired by David Jones the famous stunt pilot and Hollywood aerial coordinator to work on the film “At Play in the Fields of the Lord” in 1990 in the Amazon.

When I got off the plane from Miami in Belem at 2 AM, I met the heat and humidity of the equator. Driving from the airport to the hotel I saw more poverty and insanity than I’d ever seen as a kid from the Midwest. I gave myself up for dead and lived the next six months accordingly.

Oh, to be 38 again and on an adventure.

I’ll just add a bunch of photos. Time is time.

30 years ago an innocent naif got off an airplane on the equator in the middle of a tropical night. I learned a lot in those six months on the Amazon. It was a priceless education.


Belem rain shower

Madre de Deus movie set

Nicest House in Belem

Madre de Deus Airstrio

Beaver on airstrip

Madre de Deus cafeteria

seaplane at movie location

Sloth Capture

Wrecked Beaver

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