Buddy the Wonder Cat


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Buddy the Wonder Cat, July 21, 2019
Buddy showed up at our house about 9 years ago. He is a huge
orange tabby cat. Buddy just kept coming around our carport and
back patio.
The owners of Buddy were a young couple who lived in a rental two
doors down to the south of us on Fitch Street next to Trombone
Barry’s blue shack.
They were a nice couple who would come by to collect their cat,
whom they called Ginger.
One evening I talked to the young man who had brought Buddy to
Healdsburg from his home town of Caspar, California which is just
north of Mendocino on the coast.
He told me that Buddy was a friendly cat who grew up with 12 other
cats on his property in Caspar. The tall young man also said
that he and his girlfriend were moving to Los Angeles.
I asked him if my wife and I could take care of Buddy as we were
home a lot and could give Buddy lots of attention; which Buddy
The young man agreed to the transfer, since Buddy had already
made the decision for us anyway.
Buddy is a talking cat. He says a lot all day long. We’ve learned what
his various “meows” mean. Some mean “I’m hungry”. Some mean
“I’m unhappy”. Some mean “Where have you been?” Some just
mean, “Here I am.”
He’s an interesting cat who likes to follow us around the yard as we
garden. Other times of course, he ignores us as if we don’t exist.
Buddy kills the rats who would try and invade our yard and eat
oranges from our tree. He’ll also kill the odd bird, usually a blue jay.
The hummingbirds are too quick for him.
My wife upon finding the dead rats in the yard, sometimes with a
rat abortion performed; well, it is very disconcerting for her.
Buddy usually gets sick from the epicurean adventure of eating the
momma rodent’s heart and her fetus(s), but at least we don’t have
rats on the property.
My wife and I will sit on the back patio of a late afternoon and have
our afternoon beer and bubbles with Buddy under the picnic table
content as can be.
At night, before bed, I will sit on the front steps next to the screen
door with my back up against the wall under the mail box. The
orange sodium street lamp across the street lights up my open air
prison, but there is Buddy at the bottom of the steps on guard.
Buddy will then come up the steps and meow at me until I grab the
flashlight and we walk the perimeter of our property up Fitch to the
corner and then up Tucker and back.
Buddy will be out there all night at the end of the driveway on guard
against the skunk and the possum and the raccoon, and he’ll run
away from all of them.
He will fight the tomcat that comes by on occasion.
Buddy is a wonderful wonder cat. We are so glad that he is here.
Tim McGraw

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