The Flying Machines

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Flying Machines, July 7th, 2019
Working on flying machines is satisfying. One puts various parts
together in a cognizant and logical way and then the machine flies.
With seaplanes it is even more fun for they fly off of water.
People are more tricky than machines. Hard to make them “fly”.
Good leadership is hard to find. My Dad works on that issue.
My brother was an engineer who also worked with the flying
I remember so many stories about pilots, mechanics, & airplanes. It
is an entertaining field of work. Humans moving through three
dimensions leads to all kinds of adventures.
“If God had meant us to fly, he would have given us wings.”
Maybe God just likes looking at the flying stories. They are amusing.
I’ve written plenty of funny flying stories from Brazil and Kenmore
Air Harbor and Chelan Airways.
There are some tragic stories, too.
You push the float plane from the dock. You taxi out onto the lake,
or river, or sea; and take off with much commotion and noise.
You fly.
And you see things that no one else sees. You are like a God looking
down on those two dimensional creatures.
And then you land and the ride is over.

before the crash.jpgAmazon Clouds.jpg

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