“The Bohemian Grove Death of Care Ceremony”

Cremation of Care Ceremony Bohemian Grove

Death of Care Ceremony, Bohemian Grove, Aug. 19, 2021
My wife and I were in the catering business here in Sonoma
County, California for 7 years. We traveled everywhere in
the San Francisco Bay Area in the catering company’s white
van doing catering jobs for the rich, the middle class, and
charitable organizations.

The oddest place we worked was Bohemian Grove outside
of Monte Rio on the Russian River.

The grove is packed full of huge redwood trees. We usually
worked at a facility called ‘the grove.’ I was the bartender.
The bar stretched in a semicircle around the trunk of a
gigantic redwood tree on the south side of the building.

The Bohemian Grove is made up of various camps that
promote the arts or politics or sodomy or alcohol and the
usual vices.

The art work was interesting. Clint Eastwood would come
to the Grove to premiere his films at the outdoor theater.
But it was the huge owl by the pond that really gave me
pause. We only did one job there. It was a wedding

I’d heard about the “Cremation of Care” ceremony in front
of that big wooden owl and always wondered, “Why would
anyone cremate care? Was it just a license to become

Now I know the truth. Once humans quit caring about each
other the thin veneer of our civilization goes away.
Then the powerful can do whatever they want. TJM

2 thoughts on ““The Bohemian Grove Death of Care Ceremony”

  1. “They” are doing a fine job of removing true love and compassion.
    Eternal war is what they are after?
    Turn against our fellow man as if we need someone to point a finger at?
    Love really is the only answer


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