Angus Stuart & the Vaccine

Angus Stuart
The Cottage of Angus on the Island

Angus Stuart Gets Vaccinated, March 19th, 2021

It was a cold stormy morning on the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland. Angus Stuart was sleeping peacefully in his cottage by the Northern Sea.

A sudden knock on the old wooden door awoke him. Angus stumbled to his feet and saw a Scottish nurse at the threshold.

Nurse, “I’ve come to give you the Covid vaccine. You are the only one on the island who hasn’t had it.”

Angus, “Well, I’ve have had it.”

Nurse, “No, Our records show you haven’t had it.”

Angus, “Oh, yes, I’ve had it.”

Angus is slowly sobering up.

Nurse, “I have the vaccine here in my bag and the city council has sent me to give it to you.”

Angus, “But I’ve had it.”

Nurse, “Well, I need to give you the shot.”

Angus, “But I’ve had it.”

Nurse, “I’m giving you the shot. Now roll up your sleeve.”

Angus, “But I’ve had it.”

Nurse getting frustrated, “Have you had the shot then?”

Angus, “I’ve had it.”
Nurse, “Not in our records. So you will have to take the shot again.”

Angus, “But I’ve had it.”

Nurse tries to forcibly inject Angus with the needle from her bag. Angus falls onto his bed and fights with the nurse over the needle. Angus injects the nurse with the vaccine.

Nurse becomes disorientated and leaves the cottage.

Sound of car leaving the premises.

Angus goes back to sleep.


Scottish Nurse

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