Forest Lawn

forest lawn
forest lawn

Forest Lawn, January 5th, 2021

Timothy has flown down to Los Angeles from Santa Rosa to see his old friend Patrick. Patrick told Timothy that he had a surprise for him.

Timothy takes a cab to Patrick’s old 1930’s bungalow near Griffith Park. It’s another sunny day in LA if a bit chilly at 60F.

Patrick: It’s time Timothy to confront the truth. We are going on a little road trip to Glendale.

Timothy: Another script? Another awards show?

Patrick: No, it’s more of a contingency plan.

Timothy is wearing his usual outfit of plaid Bermuda shorts and a Madras shirt with penny loafers on his feet. He wears a Panama hat.

Patrick is in his black velvet leisure suit with black work boots, wrap around sunglasses, and a fedora from Italy on his head.

Patrick: Trust me. I’ll drive.

They both climb into Patrick’s red bathtub Porsche convertible. The top is down.

Patrick drives them both to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.

Patrick: I found out that in our contracts for all those Oscar gigs we did, we get free burial plots here in Forest Lawn.

Timothy: You’re kidding, right?

Patrick: No man. We can get a crypt next to W. C. Fields if we want.

Timothy: Do you think W. C. would like that?

Patrick: Sure he would. We’ve stolen most of his material.

Timothy: I always imagined being buried under an oak tree.

Patrick: Oak trees cost extra.

Timothy: So why are we here?

Patrick: To pick out our burial plots before the Academy changes its mind. Death is expensive. A free burial plot is golden.

Our two heroes soon find the perfect place for their future resting places. It is a duplex burial plot next to Stan Laurel.

And that is where they will rest for eternity someday, on either side of Stan.


W. C. Fields Grave
Stan Laurel Grave

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