The Frolic Room

Pantages Theater and Frolic Room.png

frolic room.png

Golden Globes, January 5th, 2020, Los Angeles, California
Patrick, “So, I’ve got my powder blue tuxedo from the dry cleaners
and I’m ready to go.”
Timothy, “Shite, Patrick! Do you really want to attend another
awards ceremony for best screenplay?”
Patrick, “Well, yeah. You prefer to just sit at home and watch
Jeopardy reruns to prove you know the answers?”
Timothy, “There are no answers in Jeopardy. You answer with a
Patrick, “Sounds like our Irish ancestors.”
Timothy, “Okay. I’ll get my powder blue tux, cumber bun, &
wingtips, out of the pawn shop.”
Patrick laughing, “Bullshit! You are probably wearing them right
Timothy, “Ha! You caught me. So where do we meet and when. I’ll
need a few drinks before doing this again.”
Patrick, “We meet at the Frolic Room at 4 PM. It’s right next to the
Pantages Theater. Charles Bukowski, your hero, used to drink there
and tell his stories. Maybe it will inspire you.”
Timothy, “Well, you look a lot more like Bukowski than me. Maybe
the Frolic Room will inspire you to run faster off of the stage next
time. We damned near got beaten up last year.”
Patrick, “See you at the Frolic Room tomorrow at 4 PM. Don’t forget
your tuxedo.”
Next day at the Frolic Room. It’s a typical warm sunny day in LA in
January. About 65F without much smog about.
Timothy walks into the Frolic Room in his powder blue tuxedo,
cumber bun, wing tips and sees his friend and writing partner,
Patrick at the bar.
A portrait of Charles Bukowski; a very large portrait, is on the wall
above the bar.
Timothy, “How is anyone supposed to have a decent drink while
looking up at that ruined face of Bukowski?”
Patrick, “Well, perhaps it convinces some that all is lost and they
might as well drink.”
Timothy, “You have a point.”
Patrick, “Do you think we’ll win another best screenplay award?”
Timothy, “For that stupid ballon movie? Probably. I mean we made it
perfect for the audience. The woman does all the hero work. The
man’s role is to pass out or jump out of the balloon to save weight.”
Patrick, “Yeah, but the main protagonists are both white English
Timothy, “Well, we did add in the colored assistant to the scientist.
That may be enough.”
Patrick, “And we did set the story back in time so maybe the PC
folks will let it go.”
Timothy, “Ahh, hell. We always win because we are writing the
Patrick, “Ahh, yes. That’s true.”
Timothy and Patrick drink their drinks under the grim visage of
Charles Bukowski over the bar at The Frolic. They never quite make
it to the Golden Globes ceremony next door.
Timothy and Patrick do win the Golden Globe for best screen play
for “The Balloonists”.
Their award is accepted by Bob Newhart.

charles bukowski.png

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